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Highly effective pheromones in unique, exotic, custom colognes and perfumes highest quality guaranteed

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Thank you for visiting Liquid Alchemy Labs or LAL as it is often times referred to - the number one place on the web for distinctive and potent pheromone formulas. Our customers buy from us because of our consistent high quality and unique pheromone formulas. We are constantly striving to uphold our superiority. Superior products for superior people.

Located in Hawaii Liquid Alchemy Labs, is in the perfect position for creating perfumes. Our perfume ingredients come from all over the world and our completed perfumes are sent back out across the globe. Balance, it is a beautiful thing..

We are very proud to offer our customers premium quality and very potent pheromones. Browse our growing stock of pheromone products. Take a look around and spend some time with us. We have an ever growing selection of products, and I know you will find that perfect pheromone blend you have been hoping for, or maybe did not even realize you wanted! We appreciate your being here, no matter what time of day or night you might be passing through we hope you have a great time.


Garry Nelson
Founder & President
Liquid Alchemy Labs

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